Introducing Life in Barbados

2020 brought so much change, good and bad, for so many people around the world. And I knew the turning of the year wasn’t going to magically put everything back in its place.

They say accepting change is the fastest way to find peace, but I went one better. I created my own change.

I changed my address, my currency and my career focus, though luckily not my local language.

After many extended trips overseas, I’d always dreamed of becoming location independent. 2020 was going to my year but the pandemic had other plans for me. I still managed to squeeze in a few great trips though. I spent some time exploring Santorini, I crossed Cappadocia off my bucket list and I even made it to Cyprus for a few weeks, but I knew the real adventure was yet to come.

It’s now January and I’m writing to you from a lovely hotel room on the gorgeous island of Barbados. With a little help from the tourism board (and a few glasses of finely-aged liquid courage), I applied for a year-long tourist visa to spend my 2021 in paradise.

If you’ve listened to my first podcast venture, Otherworld Travel: The Bucket List Podcast, you’ll know that Barbados has been on my dream travel list for a long time, and my chat with Marc McCollin about all the amazing rum, food and diving opportunities just made me that more excited to cross it off my list.

You’ll be able to follow my adventures, live on the ground and experience life in Barbados through my eyes and ears. I hope this series inspires you to take a leap of faith and finally cross off that bucket list item you’ve been dreaming of. Whether you’re interested in visiting Barbados yourself, or exploring the idea of location independent living, this is the show for you.

I can’t wait to bring you on this journey with me.

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