a year on a paradise island

Have you ever fantasised about living on a paradise island? It's a dream for many, but very few make it a reality. Yvonne Campbell is one of the few.


After her first series, Other World Travel: "The Bucket List Podcast, she decided it's time to start practicing what she preaches. So she bought a ticket to Barbados, locked in her one-year tourist visa and began 2021 in beautiful Barbados.

Listen in on her Caribbean adventures as she shares with you the sounds and experiences that only Barbados can deliver. You'll hear her talk with other tourists, hang out with local travel experts and soak up the flavours of the Caribbean. Follow along as Yvonne shares everything from where to stay, what to do, which foods to try and, most importantly, which Barbados rum reins supreme. 

From the makers of Otherworld Travel: The Bucket List Podcast comes a new immersive show that promises to inspire your next trip to paradise.

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